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Social Engineering Resilience

Onsite Social Engineering Engagements

Close the door on criminal activity

Social engineering attacks manipulate your users into disclosing credentials and other sensitive data to criminals. Voice phishing “vishing” scams, targeted spear phishing emails, and text message “smishing” are common engagement tactics. 

But social engineering is not limited to the digital world. Bad actors also use deceptive methods to gain unauthorized physical access to your building, restricted areas, systems, and data. 

Are your employees holding the door open for criminals? Summit can help you find out.


Hiding in plain sight

No two companies are alike in their requirements for restricting access. Industry, compliance obligations, even geographic location influence security policies for non-employee access. Still, social engineering criminals are motivated. Minimizing their success requires that you find the weaknesses in your defenses before they do.

Summit onsite social engineering campaigns are designed to do just that. Tailored to your specific environment, these simulations help us test how effective you are at keeping us out of your business. 

We employ the same approaches a criminal would use to target, prepare for, and plan our access to your resources. These include open source intelligence gathering, facilities reconnaissance, and pretext planning – to give us enough credibility, a plausible pretense, and the knowledge to hide in plain sight.

Actionable outcomes, no risk

During our onsite engagement, Summit cybersecurity experts operate undercover – just as a criminal would – to determine what we can gain access to, including server rooms, computers, document storage, and restricted areas. 

Our non-malicious deceptive tactics pose no risk to your organization but help us safely identify critical weaknesses in your physical and technical security controls. This approach also helps us assess your staff’s security awareness and how effectively they protect your organization, its data, and systems. 

Our findings focus your efforts on closing the most serious gaps in your security, enabling you to meet compliance obligations and shore up your defenses against real onsite social engineering attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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